Job Postings

Position : Quality Engineer

Location : Scottsdale, AZ


A Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and/or Mechanical Engineering, or a closely related, technical field of study, as well as some experience in the industry.

Job Responsibilities: :
Research, Identify and assess the value of various data sources and products available in the market

  • Create and Perform Process Validation (IQ, OQ & PQ) and test method validation activities to meet regulatory requirements. Summarize test results and draw conclusions in validation reports. Evaluate production equipment.
  • Evaluate production equipment.
  • Design and conduct experiments for process optimization and/or improvement.
  • Appropriately document experiment plans and results, including protocol writing and reports for the Hybrid Microelectronic Assemblies.
  • Perform Gap assessments on the Process Validation protocols and reports for assessing gaps, document remediation.
  • Understand the risk, impact on the product manufacturing.
  • Write and update the Process Risk Assessment reports for Hybrid Microelectronic Assemblies.
  • Implementing various product and process improvement methodologies (e.g. Six sigma and Lean Manufacturing).

Email id and address to contact:, 1605 S Main St, Suite#112, Milpitas, CA-95035. Call: 510-771-9226

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