Rolling out a new product, making changes to an old product or changing any part of the manufacturing chain are three instances when your business will need a robust and realistic Quality Assurance and Testing Service. If your business does not have QA professionals on staff you will have to hire them, but that can take a long time.

There is another solution

Fraank Systems is a world leader in IT and technology staffing for businesses and organizations and we have a full service, turn-key solution to fit your QA and testing needs.

QA And Testing Design Is As Important As Implementation

The testing protocol by itself can use the best testing procedures known, but if the tests are not properly designed it can be as bad as not having QA and testing at all.

That is why the first stage of the process is the most important and Fraank Systems makes sure that they have designed the right testing solution for the specific needs before those protocols are put in place. Depending on your product there are many different types of QA and testing that will be the most effective - often it is a mix of one or more of these that yield the best results.

Testing is not only necessary for new products, it is also extremely beneficial for keeping a running check on manufacturing quality, or for testing and then bringing online a new manufacturing facility. Once a facility is up and running, testing dos not have to be as rigorous but abandoning all testing and QA protocols is not recommended. Running an independent QA program outside of the control of your manufacturing or service facilities can spotlight small problems before they become big ones.

The Importance Of Follow Up Testing And QA

As well, after any new product launch it is best industry practice to keep a long term QA and testing regime in place ; this type of post release QA, testing and data mining can be useful for gathering information on new product lines or judging how well service based products are solving the customer's problems.

Fraank Systems can design and implement all stages of QA and testing procedures, from pre-release version testing to manufacturing and service based products and customer support tracking measures. This includes a full array of automated testing services which are custom designed for every application. Fraank Systems specializes in these types of custom-built solutions, and we have designed thousands of QA and testing regimes.

You cannot leave things to chance. Without the data that a properly run QA program provides you cannot really know on a scale level how your product is faring on the street. No matter how tough you make your pre-release testing, real world people will find new ways to abuse your product.

The difference between a good company and a great one is how they test for that - and then what they do once they have that data.

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