When it comes to IT support, many small businesses take an "If it ain't broke, why fix it?" stance, which harms productivity and technological innovation. The reason for this position is often related to the costs of creating an in-house information technology department.

Doing so can cost a great deal of money and time, since not only must a business hire knowledgeable staff and maintain their training in the technological fields, but also leadership must map out how the department will be run and measured.

For businesses that want to reap the rewards of engaging an IT team without incurring the costs in time and money to develop that department in-house, working with an outsourced IT firm can be the perfect solution. Troubleshooting technological issues isn't the only service a business can enjoy from outsourcing its IT team.

Increasing productivity and decreasing workforce attrition...

What happens when employees are overtaxed or underutilized? They begin looking for alternate opportunities—in other words, they plan to apply for and take on a new job, leaving their current place of employment. High turnover, caused by workforce attrition, is costly no matter the size of a business, and can be avoided by integrating the services of an IT department.

By outsourcing your business's IT team, your employees can enjoy increased productivity through the team ensuring not only that your technological systems are running smoothly, but that you're using the most state-of-the-art technology your business can afford. Similarly, an outsourced IT team can help your employees increase productivity by brainstorming more efficient work flows and best practices.

Your outsourced team will integrate seamlessly with your business's employees and work together to improve production, involvement and a sense of belonging and mattering that will encourage employees to stay on board.

Keeping what's already in place running smoothly...

How does an outsourced information technology team keep your business running smoothly? By providing services such as IT support, desktop support and service desk support. These three services combined will handle any troubleshooting tickets and help your employees maximize the technology your business uses in order to deliver work more efficiently. In addition to efficiency, an outsourced IT department will help your business maintain data security and network performance.

Choosing an IT team...

Like any service, your business should engage an outsourced IT team that will meet your needs, both functionally and fiscally. Fraank Systems can provide your business with any combination of these services, to help you reach your goals at a price your business can afford and easily justify.

The technology industry is one of the fastest growing and fastest changing industries that affects a wide base of businesses nationally and internationally. Leaving your company's technological health and growth in the hands of employees who are not trained in the IT field or who already have a full workload on their plates will not bring your business into the lead among competition, but rather will slow it down and let others leave your business in their dust cloud.

Outsourcing IT services for your business will increase your productivity, employee loyalty and share of your market.

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