When it comes to planning which resources your business will utilize, you don't want to go with the "practice makes perfect" method, especially since, more accurately, "practice makes…practice." You want solutions for your business that will not only work properly, but help your employees maximize production, thus getting closer to your return on investment (ROI) goals.

The best way to ensure that you're engaging services that will deliver the best custom fit for your business is to know what to look for ahead of time—familiarize yourself with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) selection, staffing, and implementation. Understanding organizational change management and business process reengineering is another key to success.

ERP Selection

You want a customized solution for your business. What works for your competitor won't necessary work for you and your company. Perhaps you have a different work process or maybe your expectations of your employees are different. Regardless of the reason, a firm that is going to deliver a customized solution is going to serve you better—that means also that any consultant firm you engage should have experience with a variety of vendors.

ERP Implementation

Once you've selected your customized ERP software solution, that software needs to be implemented. Depending on the size of your organization, this can be a very complex process that can lead to delays and disruptions. When you're ready to select a consulting firm to implement your ERP solution, make sure that it's one that has the experience and knowledge to minimize any downtime your company may face, technologically.

ERP Staffing

When it comes time to implement your ERP solution—and in the months and years following—you'll want to make sure you have a solid foundation to service your employees' needs as they arise. The best way to do this is to develop an IT department—but unless you've done this before, it can be difficult to know how to structure that department and who to hire to fill the roles your business needs. That's why, when looking for an ERP consulting firm, you'll want one which will help you build and develop your IT department, working alongside your human resources staff.

Organizational Change Management

Implementing a new, customized ERP solution is an exciting step for any business of any age. It means that productivity will increase, which in turn means a greater profit for the business. However, it's not enough to simply install new systems. Your business's employees need to learn to use those systems and beyond that, feel comfortable doing so. Only then can your organization begin to reap the benefits of technological improvements. Engage a firm that can help your business accomplish all of this—a firm that works with the "human factor."

Business Process Reengineering

Your business may be facing a situation where a complete system overhaul might be beyond budgetary restrictions or more features than you need. Unlike buying a car, where you're often stuck having to choose to lump that one feature you want in with a package that costs thousands of dollars extra, you need an ERP solution that is going to be designed and implanted specifically with your needs and budget in mind. Fraank Systems offers all of these services, customized to meet your needs.

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