Hiring the right IT people can be an extremely important undertaking, but for most business owners it also has a built in wall. As a person who is expert in general business matters and your individual business in particular you may not know exactly what your organization needs when it comes to IT, or the right questions to ask to make sure of hiring the right individual for the company.

Proper staffing can make all the difference between a successful company and one which is not. It is Fraank Systems' goal to provide businesses with the employees who have the exact skill set that meets that company's needs. Fraank Systems has been supplying high quality employee services in the IT field for years, and can help with any IT problems your company may be experiencing, but there are many other non-IT BPO services which Fraank Systems offers, such as payroll, call center operations, finance and others.

An Individualized Approach to Your Business Need...

Fraank Systems approaches each project as a completely custom and unique job. Though many companies need the same basic skill set, there are variations that are very important. This strongest of these occurs when different industries are involved, but it is also true of businesses within the same industry. Companies grow differently, and they need customized solutions that will fit with the way they do business as opposed to having solutions thrust upon them and being told that they must change.

It is the job of Fraank Systems, and one of the reasons why we are so successful, to closely examine your business and your specific goals, and choose exactly the right person both in skills and temperament. In this way a business will always get more ROI on their employee budget. This is why the Fraank Systems staffing services are so valuable to businessmen in need of IT knowledgeable staff.

This attention to detail also carries through to direct hires. Fraank Systems can help you find the perfect person for your needs, make sure that they have the technical skills and knowledge that are required by your company and that they are a good match in attitude and goals.

Applications Staffing - Design, Testing, Training and Deployment

An important section of IT services are applications and programming experts. A dedicated applications team may be involved with creating systems meant solely for employees, or could involve apps that are available to the general public. Once again, depending on your vision and the specifics of your industry and your business, Fraank Systems can find the perfect applications expert to accomplish your goals in a timely, efficient manner with top shelf results.

Fraank Systems places many IT experts each year across different industries, and these professionals are involved in every aspect of the business cycle including design and development as well as all aspects of implementation and maintenance of the system. Testing and analysis of all systems and applications are also part of any Applications staffing project.

Applications staffing is one part of an overall infrastructure services plan, but all areas will receive the same attention to detail. Maintaining a IT and network infrastructure is just as important as designing these systems properly in the first place, but the purpose of good design is to cut down on the amount of effort it does take to maintain the system.

A Full Array of Services for All IT Needs As Your Scale of Operations Increases

As businesses grow there is a point at which an individual can no longer keep up with the amount of data being generated by different sections of the company, and developing systems to handle this increased data is one of the most important operations that a company can undertake.

Doing this wrong can cripple a company. Fraank Systems offers a project governance system for those instances where it is critical that all parts of a complex solution are not only accomplished on time but with complete integration.

Fraank Systems offers a full array of BPO solutions for your company - the is Business Process Outsourcing, and can encompass many areas which may not require a full time employee, or it may simply be more efficient to utilize a specialty company to take care of the non-core infrastructure tasks that keep your business running smoothly. These services can include the following:

  • Accounting
  • Call center and customer service
  • Light industrial specialists
  • Finance
  • Business performance management
  • Legal, medical & science specialties
  • Managed services

Fraank Systems supplies a full line of specialists and can handle any of your BPO needs. These areas often demand skill sets which are just as intensive as IT experts, and Fraank Systems knows that performance in these areas is critical to a business's long term survival. Fraank Systems IT solutions and other business staffing services can help your company run more smoothly.

And when it comes time to hire experts in these areas, as well as any IT personnel you may need Fraank Systems placement services can help you find exactly the right employee, not only in training and skill sets but in attitude as well.

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